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Greater Good Media has now entered into our second phase of the four-year interactive program to combat hate in all forms. Part-One introduced our video linked to the 2021 Mayors Summit to Combat Anti Semitism.

Today, we are excited to release our analysis on "The Perils of Short Messaging" and how this relates to the erosion of communication so desperately needed to grow further as an intelligent race of people 


Please, Please share your thoughts and opinions with us. I will be interviewing some of you on my radio show and discussing your commentary as we move along here.


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 " Those Who Fail to Learn [Business] History 

are Doomed to repeat It"


Only a small handful of people saw the economic collapse of 2008 coming at us like a freight train with the Housing Market tanking. Fast forward to 2020, we were headed into a recession months prior to the pandemic like a wrecking ball disrupting how we went about our lives and the financial peril tied to it. 


    This book serves as a common sense guide with insight as to how we can avoid another financial meltdown and regain our status as the only true economic super power in the world. The content contained in these pages will allow you to understand how we got to this point, and more importantly,  a logical way out.


     Moreover, it details the real opportunity for many and how to capitalize on what will be out there setting the stage for our future economic security.


   Scheduled for release January 30, 2021. Pre-orders, questions or comments.go to www.greatergoodmediallc.com, or

email: Bob@greatergoodmediallc.com


It is time we all come together and address the impending financial crisis heading toward us like a freight train



This publication will serve as a guide identifying the financial opportunities, with monthly updates for those who have a vision to succeed while others simply wait it out.



On November 9th and 10th, 1938, Nazis torched synagogues, vandalized Jewish homes and businesses leaving over 100 dead. This event, later known as Kristallnacht represented a dramatic escalation of Hitler’s campaign to purge Germany of its Jewish population after Hitler’s rise to power as Chancellor in 1933.


Fast forward to present times just prior to the Corona Virus quarantine. Jews have once again been targeted at alarming rates. A gunman entered a Christian Church gunning down African Americans, The Pulse nightclub shooting, the Wal-Mart shooting targeting Hispanics Hispanics and the senseless death of George Floyd.


    This project will serve to inform and educate the viewer with subject matter delving into Eugenics and the psychology behind why hate against others is an ongoing pattern throughout history so “We Can Do Better”. 


    This component of "RESET" will culminate with the premier of my film “When Comedy Went to School” in September 2021. It  can get along and have a good laugh while we do it.

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It Couldn’t Happen Here -  In 1933, a well thought out plan by wealthy industrialists got together and attempted a coup in the United States to overthrow the Roosevelt Administration. It would take the integrity and the bravery of a single Marine, Smedley Butler to reveal the plot. A Congressional hearing took place due to the seriousness of the allegations and it somehow lost steam.


It is truly the greatest American story never told.


Deliberate Indifference - The true story of the Sussex County Prosecutor's effort in New Jersey to fabricate evidence in criminal cases.  The story line is taken from actual Certified court transcripts - word for word. Including settlements, they’ve made in cases where no criminal liability ever existed, yet they arrested the innocent feigning probable cause.


This is not an isolated incident, but an ongoing pattern of misconduct supported by the upper echelon of their offices. False affidavits, lying to grand juries and deliberate misrepresentation of evidence was the normal course of business to gain a conviction at any cost.


Hiding in Plain Sight – This story does more than suggest that a serial rapist from Stillwater, New Jersey, Dennis Pegg was a serial killer while he was a guide, or “Trail Angel” on Appalachian Trail for years. Pegg was a Lieutenant in the Sussex County Sheriff’s Department working at the jail. He claimed to mentor young men recently released from custody and had his way with them.


This is a jaw dropping account of how Pegg kept himself hidden within his own community for years.

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